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OpombeIt's like I said in my other description. Honestly I don't know if it was a fireball or a airplane that dumped well it's urinal tanks (whatever their called) or some fuel that I saw burning up after passing through the heavy clouds.However, I will note that before I saw it my dogs who were heavily awaiting my father (working late at an event) to come home whom often incessantly at sounds (sometimes even a fly that happens to be buzzing in our house). At the time I admit using bad manners and having my feet on my coffee table, which is made of old wood and if I put to much pressure on it will make a subtle noise that freaks them out to thinking my dads coming home up the patio stairs. I should mention that one is an Miniature American Shepherd/Miniature Australian Shepherd & Husky mix, the other a Yorki/Poi Mix (of several different breeds Yorki is the most prominent). I list this cause both breeds including those their mixed with are known to be highly intelligent dogs with superb hearing. I felt this will be relevant to the info I'm going to mention.At the time I was positive I hadn't put to much pressure on the coffee table (as it's often relevant to my ears... Especially when I do it occasionally by accident and sometimes on purpose just to drive my mom nuts), yet my dogs moments before I saw the fireball began freaking out. They ran crazily to the front door. I remember a second or so before seeing the fireball nearly sitting up, wondering if my dad had come home early. This was not because I heard a sound but because I was certain I hadn't by chance made a noise. But the moment I turned to continue watching Green Book with my mom, I noticed out of the horizontal rectangle window that's above our fireplace that was on at the time, was the said fireball. It caught my attention as it was immensely bright (I'd say star quality as it looked like a large star but then I knew I wouldn't be, due to the fact that if it was a star out of that window I wouldn't have been able to see it (regardless of it being an extremely cloudy day to my recollection). Often I see planes passing, the moon crossing it's path, or begrudgingly in that seat early enough in the morning the blinding sun from that window. So I knew it couldn't be a star, I'd almost say from my impression of it, I felt it could be bright as the sun, but I don't think it lit up the world outside, I just know it was really bright in my perspective to the extent of a large light in the distance. Maybe the extent of a helicopter flying at tree level shinning a bright search light down on the grounds of a field or something in search for someone. That's the way I could best describe the brightness.Though after it was gone, as I previously described, I found it kinda bizarre how my dogs barked, and again barked around the time it seemed to burn out. I felt even though I'm pretty sure (as it's been several hours since the event) that neither my mom or I heard anything. That in some aspects
NaslovPoulsbo, WA
Zem. širina47° 44' 39,04'' N (47,74°)
Zem. dolžina 122° 36' 48,51'' W (-122,61°)
Čas in trajanje
Lokalni Datum & Čas16.12.2019 19:30 PST
UT Datum & Čas17.12.2019 03:30 UT
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Kot padanja110°
Azimut gledanja100°
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Končni azimut105°
Končna višina23°
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BarvaOrange, Yellow, Light Yellow, Red, White
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OpombeIt faded in and out, although quiet bright throughout. Then it slowly dimmed, turned really bright and suddenly went out like when someone blows a lantern candle out who you can't see in a dark room but seemed close. I guess that's the best way I could describe it. Because i was looking through a window I can't gaurentee if there was anything after the fact. I considered, since it was a heavily cloudy day in my part of Washington that it could have been a plane that emptied it's, well septic systems (feces and such) which they dumped at height altitude because seeing such things on heavily cloudy days or in general is rare in my area.